Egyptian Press under attack

Unite to face this Attack....

a call by CHRLA

Read the articles that got the Cairo Times banned
(and can get your publication banned)

Amr Nassef: fourth victim of imprisonment in publication offenses May 21, 1998

Family of Journalist Gamal Fahmy and CHRLA lawyers banned from visiting journalists held in Mazra'at Tura prison April 30, 1998

In cases documented by CHRLA

Number of Journalists Threatened with Imprisonment Rises to 72

General Authority for Investment Places Dangerous Restriction on the Freedom to Publish Newspapers and Magazines (Read the text of the decree, and the list of newspapers and magazines affected by it)

After the Banning of al-Dustur and the Detention of Three Journalists, the Cairo Times is Banned

After the imprisonment of three journalists; 34 others threatened with custodial sentences

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