Release Hafez Abu-Se'da

Release Abu-Se’da Now


Day 4

 Prison officials turned away the wife of jailed human rights activist Hafez Abu-Se’da at the gates of Torah prison on Thursday just hours after she’d been granted a permit to visit him.

The Government has also denied Abu-Se’da’s lawyers the right to meet with him or to see the files from his interrogation.

 Abu-Se’da, the head of Egypt’s largest human rights organization, was arrested on Dec. 1 and placed in preventive detention for 15 days. No official charges have been filed against him. Under Egyptian law, detainees can be held in jail for up to 45 days -- three consecutive 15-day terms -- before appearing before a judge.

 He is accused of accepting money from the British Government to write a false report about torture in Sohag. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights stands by its report.

 Abu-Se’da’s arrest is an attack on all human rights workers and organizations in Egypt. Egypt must release Abu-Se’da immediately and let all human rights groups work freely, without threats and intimidation.

 Abu-Se’da has spent enough time in prison for his politcal activities. In 1986, he spent 18-months in jail for his role in the Egyptian student movement, during which time he was tortured. He should not have to sufffer any more.

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