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Second human rights activist will be interrogated tomorrow--Dec.8

Government orders another human rights activist arrested--Dec. 7

Government broadens intimidation of human rights activists--Dec.6 (update 2)

Abu-Se’da interrogated again while state-owned media hints that the Government may arrest more human rights workers--Dec. 6 (update 1)

CHRLA asks court to protect Abu-Se'da's right to see his attorneys--Dec. 5

Prison officials deny Abu-Se'da's wife visitation--Dec.4

Statements and Letters of Protest

Statement by Nehad Abul-Qumsan, the wife of Hafez Abu-Se'da

Statement by Egyptian human rights organizations

The Palestinian Organization for Human Rights Press Release

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network Press Release

Article XIX letter to UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression

Human Rights Watch Letter to President Mubarak

Urgent appeal by The Observatory (an FIDH and OMCT venture)

Statement by the Centre for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers

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