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The 1995 general election, in which a new People's Assembly was elected, broke all records for the scale of "vote engineering" that went on. In these supposedly democratic elections the ruling National Democratic Party ended up controlling 417 out of the 444 electable seats.

CHRLA's final report on the 1995 Egyptian legislative elections

The 1995 Egyptian legislative elections: CHRLA's observations on the first round

Legislative elections in Egypt 1995: Rights and guarantees

A study of the system of legislative elections in Egypt, focusing on candidates' and voters' rights

Egyptian politics: The fiction of a multiparty state

This report analyzes the Egyptian multiparty system, in operation since 1976, and finds that, thanks to the Political Parties Committee, Egypt is laboring under a delusion that it is democratic.

Press releases

CHRLA's local government elections roundup; April 9, 1997
Second local election court ruling in favor of CHRLA ; April 2, 1997
The administrative court upholds the nominations of two candidates in the local elections; March 25, 1997
Israeli Supreme Court declares torturing Palestinians a legitimate right; November 28, 1997
(released in conjunction with Al Nadim Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence)
Political parties in Egypt: Twenty years of a restricted multiparty system; November 12, 1996
Egyptian Politics: The Fiction of a Multiparty System
Today CHRLA issues a new report on the restrictions to multiparty democracy in Egypt
September 18, 1996
US applies its own criteria to protect human rights in Iraq! September 3, 1996
Military court sentences civilians to prison for attempt to form political party; August 15, 1996

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