CHRLA's 1996 activity report

Published in Cairo by CHRLA, the Center for Human Rights Legal Aid, March 1997.


This report offers a brief overview of the different activities undertaken by CHRLA during 1996. To help readers reach an objective evaluation of CHRLA's performance, we also felt it necessary to briefly review the human rights situation in Egypt over the same period, both on the legislative level and the practical level.

The report is divided into four parts:

Part one: The human rights situation in 1996

Part two: The activity of the Center in 1996:

a: The Center's legal aid activity
b: Developing Egyptian legislation and harmonizing it with international human rights charters

Part three: Critical observations

Part four: CHRLA's work in 1997: general lines of development

CHRLA would like to thank the following for their support:

Danida, Tomas Christensen, and Thomas Möller, Denmark;

The Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights, Stina Karltun, Sweden;

Novib, Catherine Essoyan, Holland;

CIDA, Naela Refa'at, Canada;

MISEREOR, Rita Breuer, Germany;

The European Human Rights Foundation, Micha Ramakers, Belgium.

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